Acknowledgement of the risks and limitations of the service

While Property Ladder [PL] is conservative in providing estimates of property growth, rental figures and other factors that impact the success of a property investment, there is always an inherent risk in any kind of investment.

PL does not advise on all aspects of a property purchase and will refer you to independent experts to assist you (or you can use your own).

PL acknowledges that risks and mitigation strategies presented at any time are based on our understanding of best practices and we do not claim that this is a complete list of risks that may accompany Property Investment.

PL does not underwrite a rental guarantee that may come with a property purchase.

PL advises you that if buying off the plans, while there are safeguards to protect you in the contract, the development will be an evolving process and we cannot be 100% certain of the finished product as there may be matters outside the developer’s control which means changes are necessary.

PL cannot predict changes to interest rates, rental returns or tax rules that affect your investment. The estimates and scenarios we share with you are based on current and past market conditions and trends, combined with independently obtained statistics looking forward. Regardless of the data, past performance of any investment cannot be used as an absolute guarantee of future performance.

PL brings to your attention that, if buying off the plan, your finance approval at time of offer may have expired by the date of future settlement. Please speak with your lender. 

PL are not registered financial advisors and we recommend obtaining independent advice before making any investment decision.

Privacy Act

When you connect with PL, your contact details (and records of correspondence) will be tracked and stored in a secure database for customer relationship, information security and industry compliance reasons.

PL will only use information you provide for the goal of assisting you with property investment. With your consent, use of your information may involve discussions with third party professionals such as an accountant, lawyer, valuer or property manager who will assist in the purchase of an investment property.  

Information on your file may need to be shown to the Regulator or PL’s external compliance personnel as part of PL’s requirements to meet regulations and industry best practices. You will be notified should this be requested of PL.

Other than the purposes referred to above, PL will not pass on any of your contact details or information from you to a third party without your written permission. You have the right to access and correct any personal information that is on file and you can ask PL to remove information about you.